Mobile Media Blasting

Huntsville Mobile Media Blasting comes to you for your cleaning needs.  
We remove:
*Paint  / Powder Coating
*Bondo and other
  metal substitute
*Rust / Corrosion
*Grease / Grime
Cleaning and Resurfacing:
*No Warping
*No Pitting
*Cost Effective
*Spark free
*Environmentally Friendly

The solution for the safest, most affordable cleaning / preparation available!

Reliable, trustworthy, quality work at competitive prices. Licensed and

Eco friendly! Dustless blasting uses recycled materials and requires a
minimal amount of water to work. The water eliminates the dust, allowing us to
work safely near other people and vehicles.


Mobile Dustless Blasting

Dustless Media Blasting is the future of surface repair and restoration due to its sheer versatility
and convenience. Metal, brick, wooden, or stone buildings and surfaces look
brand new! It also offers auto restorations, car enthusiasts, and body shops
the easiest, safest, and most affordable paint removal solution available
today. We can strip paint, rust, and any body fillers right in
your own driveway!

We use recycled material, or media, that is entirely
environmentally friendly. Because our machine uses water mixed with the media,
the glass drops to the ground for a quick and easy cleanup. Even on surfaces
not requiring the use of water, there is virtually no cleanup necessary.

Discover the many uses and amazing results of dustless blasting today!


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